Bridges to Noble Wealth®

PANGEA WORLD takes the TCR platform and strategy to a new level of refinement and international relevance: TCR Leadership® and TCR Vanguard®. They epitomize PANGEA WORLD’s commitment to engage in and achieve projects that are exemplary in the concept and the art of elevating the exhilaration of science-guided exploration of the world to a key economic safeguard of the integrity of the world’s wonders.

PANGEA WORLD stands for an approach to sustainability that is firmly grounded in a business model. It treats the investors to the opportunity to partner with nation states, governmental and business leaders, renowned scientists, and global philanthropists.  It offers the promise of unparalleled legacies that invite both financial and intellectual investment to produce extraordinary returns for humanity for generations to come.

Pangea World’s multinational approach represents an unprecedented opportunity to fortify
a knowledge bank with incalculable value to strengthen and sustain the emerging global knowledge economy, one that could elevate the conservation of the planet’s most
exquisite and vulnerable places into an economic imperative.

“Using Luxury Tourism, Science to Rethink Potential of Knowledge Economy.”
United Nations Press Release (17 September 2010)

The goal behind the grand science themes—crafted by PANGEA WORLD’s top-caliber international team including Members of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences (NAS)—is to provide a new kind of international science, one that has not been possible with the localized and limited foci of much of the existing work.

Implementing the grand themes in a manner that combines the highest standard of academic excellence with economic energy that can sustain and embolden their research missions is the centerpiece of PANGEA WORLD’s role as a catalyst.  This coordination includes a limited involvement in conducting field research, which spans locations in multiple countries in the context of each theme.  Its central focus, however, is engaging cutting-edge research endeavors from a variety of fields and institutions and combining them in new ways.  A concurrent emphasis is on “priming” the themes—via interpretation and an expanding geographical layout—for “legacy investments” tailored to 21st century entrepreneurs and sophisticated world travelers.

Each project is chosen by PANGEA WORLD for its potential to deliver exponential asset growth through value-added natural capital. Each is rooted in a distinct geographical context yet traverses multiple geographical regions in its capacity to catalyze and grow in quality and international visibility—and, thus, in investment draw—exceptional insights into vast labyrinths of wonder. Each acquires an immense performance-reserve beyond the property line and the capacity to stimulate an economic vitality—and foster conservation—across some of the poorest yet heritage-richest parts of the world. As a result, each gains unbounded growth potential in market value, investment security, international prestige, and legacy rewards.

Individually and collectively, these projects (which become members of PANGEA WORLD’s highly select IQ RESORTS® Portfolio) are master-planned to redefine the existing valuation of real estate for luxury resort developments and resort-style private estates across the world’s most naturally opulent locations.  Regardless of whether they include a hotel component or not, the IQ RESORTS® are invited and empowered to excel as hosts of events and agreements engineered by PANGEA WORLD to shape business, philanthropic, and political leadership in the 21st century of knowledge economies, also referred to as the “century of biology.” Anchored in the geographies-spanning infrastructure of grand science themes, they acquire the capacity to complement each other as pillars of Bridges to Noble Wealth—to knowledge-fuelled sustainable prosperity and peace.