The mission of PANGEA WORLD
is to harness the wonder of Earth’s evolutionary and ecological fabric to rewrite the geography and conservation potential of the knowledge economy and set new standards of luxury and purpose in world travel.
The pursuit of this mission integrates PANGEA WORLD's roles as:
Catalyst of “grand science themes” that can only be pursued via studies of multiple sites across the world—studies that are beyond the existing means and logistical support for scientific research;
Architect of a business model that fortifies this endeavor with economic security along a transnational network of legacy investments; and
Shepherd of this endeavor’s lasting benefit to the environment and humanity.

Key objectives are:
to fashion science-driven valuation of the world’s heritage wonders into an engine of leadership economies and corporate philosophies; and
to conjoin refined hospitality and frontier science to chart the “knowledge infrastructure” for cross-national strategies of sustainable development that both draw strength from and nurture the heritage yielded by Earth’s evolutionary journey.

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