New Agreement to Usher in an Era of Transnational Cooperation Signed at Historically Significant Table where Peaceful Division of Czechoslovakia Formalized in 1992
June 15, 2017  | Holly Taylor / Rogers & Cowan

Pangea World unveils transnational model for science research and conservation
Nascent partnership could position UC Irvine as leader in science diplomacy
February 11, 2014  | Pangea World

Absolventka hledá spojení vědy, byznysu
a ochrany přírody
(Alumna seeks to connect science, business, and
conservation of nature.)

August 7, 2013  | Masaryk University

Pangea World Unveils Sustainable Development Paradigm for Panama and the Pacific Region
January 20, 2012  | Pangea World

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Pacific Leaders Support Program Creating Sustainable Wealth by Preserving Natural Resources
September 20, 2010  | Embassy of the Republic of the
Fiji Islands

Study on Sustainable Wealth Creation from Natural Resources to Be Launched at United Nations International School, 19 September
September 17, 2010  | United Nations

Poor in Dollars, Rich in Biodiversity:
Using Luxury Tourism and Science to Rethink the Potential of Knowledge Economy

September 13, 2010 | Pangea World

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