Grand Legacy Estate
by Pangea World



A unique opportunity to purchase a portfolio of stunning Pacific Islands that complement each other in revealing critical stages of the Earth's evolution and are already distinguished as a staging area for a transnational sustainable-development endeavor that will offer the buyer instant status as a global player on the world stage.



A Flagship Of

“an approach to sustainability that is firmly grounded in a business model that will
provide an enduring source of revenue”

Dr. Michael T. Clegg
Former Co-Chair, InterAmerican Network of Academies of Sciences
Former Foreign Secretary, U.S. National Academy of Sciences


A Flagship Of

“an unprecedented opportunity to fortify a knowledge bank with incalculable value to strengthen and sustain the emerging global knowledge economy, one that could elevate the conservation of the planet’s most exquisite and vulnerable places into an economic imperative”

United Nations Press Release (Note No. 6277)

(L-R) Ambassador Winston Thompson, Kiribati President Anote Tong, Pangea World Founder & CEO Dr. Hana Ayala, Fiji President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau, and Dr. Michael T. Clegg




Galápagos in the Making


The Pacific Bridge to Noble Wealth


This Offer constitutes an unparalleled opportunity to purchase an exclusive Legacy Estate anchored by close to 1,800 acres of pristine property on three islands in Las Perlas (The Pearl) Archipelago.  The Archipelago, a stunning natural spectacle of more than 200 islands amidst an opulence of tropical marine life, lies directly off Panama’s Pacific Coast and within 60 miles of Panama City.  Collectively designated as Islas Cayonetas, this “microcosm” of Las Perlas consists of:

Isla Bayoneta: Seventh largest island in Las Perlas Archipelago, with 560 acres.  Nine miles of coastline and 23 beaches, many of which are prominent turtle nesting grounds.  Valuable reserves of tropical deciduous forest and mangrove.  One hundred nine plant species and 44 bird species have been recorded on the island.

Isla Cañas: Fifth largest island in Las Perlas Archipelago, with 1,171 acres. Ten miles of coastline and 27 beaches. Vegetation includes tropical lowland moist forest. One hundred forty-four plant species and 56 bird species have been recorded on the island.

Isla La Caida (also known as Isla Resbalon): 17-acre island adjoining Isla Cañas.

Las Perlas has been designated a special tourism development zone by the Republic of Panama.  Seventy percent of the islands will be conservation areas; the remainder is eligible for development. 

World-class research already performed on Islas Cayonetas has demonstrated that the Islands collectively represent the natural heritage wealth and dynamics of Las Perlas Archipelago, which inspired their umbrella theme Galápagos in the Making.

Partnered with and representing the Bayoneta and Cañas/La Caida Islands’ owner, Pangea World is offering this property portfolio as the centerpiece of an unprecedented legacy-investment invitation based not solely on the Islands’ potential for tourist or private eco-conscious development, but also on their collective value and transnational connectivity as laboratories of evolution.

The three-island property is already fully established as a portal into The Pacific Bridge to Noble Wealth—a trans-Pacific sustainable-development endeavor launched by Pangea World at events hosted by the United Nations, UNESCO, and the United States National Academy of Sciences and seeking to ignite a transnational knowledge economy that catapults conservation and science to pivotal economic forces.

As a result, the Islas Cayonetas real estate has been transformed into a value-added foundation of a Grand Legacy Estate.  It has the capacity to nurture a singular product ranging from a mind-pampering resort to an extraordinary private estate, empowered to engender a formidable legacy of transnational dimension and immunity to duplication.  The Islands’ future facilities are already positioned to excel as highly desirable and unique IQ Resorts® retreats for international gatherings destined to shape business, philanthropic, and political leadership in the knowledge-fuelled 21st “Century of Biology.”

The Offer includes guaranteed access to a long-term strategic alliance with Pangea World, whose membership includes economic, legal and financial experts, world leaders, and research scientists. By partnering with Pangea World, the Islands' new owner will achieve instant recognition as a major player on the world stage and the distinction of being the very first to embark on a global, tourism-science-diplomacy venture unlike anything attempted before.

ISLAS CAYONETAS: A private collection of entirely pristine islands located in one of Earth’s most opulent ecological theaters.

Real estate primed to multiply in value when transformed into unparalleled gateways for deciphering and protecting some of the planet’s greatest wonders, assured by the guaranteed involvement of preeminent scientific institutions and experts.

A unique business and legacy opportunity, navigated by Pangea World: To create an icon of dazzling synergies with the Galápagos and originate a new breed of sophisticated resort or private estate, empowering investors and guests to make extraordinary contributions to humanity.




In a traditional real estate based approach, the combined worth of Bayoneta and Cañas/La Caida would be just a sum of the Islands’ values as premier properties. Pangea World has unlocked immense reserves of added value in the mutually reinforcing qualities of these Islands’ exquisite natural assets.

The Islands’ privileged locations in different parts of the Las Perlas Archipelago enhance their collective capacity to nurture a luxury product that revives a critical link in the evolution of our planet’s heritage. This capacity, disclosed through pioneer research exclusive to this Project and involving leading experts of the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, has been pivotal in the Islands’ valuation by Pangea World as a "microcosm" of the phenomenal geological, ecological, and biological dimensions of the entire archipelago and its marine setting in the Gulf of Panama.

Bayoneta and Cañas/La Caida complement each other in revealing the mesmerizing geological story of the Galápagos Hot Spot, which, 80 million years ago, supplied the oldest “building blocks” of today’s Panama: a story that can literally be touched on these Islands’ rocks. They enrich each other in showcasing the universal value of Las Perlas—just 10 thousand years young as islands—as an ideal place to witness the earliest stages of the process of evolution.

Valued and master-planned together as Islas Cayonetas, Bayoneta and Cañas/La Caida uniquely merit the signature theme—Galápagos in the Making. They anchor this theme’s mission to iconize the Pearl Archipelago while radiating benefits and prestige across other parts of Panama, deep into the Pacific, and beyond.





Islas Cayonetas: A PACIFIC PRIZE 

“The knowledge resource embedded in the Earth’s evolutionary and ecological fabric could outperform metal ores and fossil fuels in endurance and lasting benefit to humanity.”

Dr. Hana Ayala
President, Co-Chair, and Chief Executive Officer


Using cutting-edge science and high-level diplomacy, Pangea World has positioned and distinguished the Islands as a portal into The Pacific Bridge to Noble Wealth endeavor master-planned to value and guard the Pacific Island Region’s natural riches as economic engines and to redefine the economic geography across and beyond the Pacific. This distinction has fortified the significance and exclusivity of Islas Cayonetas and their future facilities with the capacity to draw strength from and help guard a transnational pool of exquisite natural capital without having to acquire any additional real estate. This “bonus holding” of unbounded scale and legacy potential completes the Islands’ transformation into the centerpiece of a Grand Legacy Estate and provides the very foundation of the Offer’s “premium” and its perpetual dividend.

Pangea World delivers “a strategic and investment framework for interlinking and accelerating the pursuits of the region’s development needs and conservation priorities.”

Dr. Visesio Pongi
Director (2005-2012), UNESCO Office for the Pacific States


Elevated to a pilot business model for Pangea World’s Pacific Bridge to Noble Wealth endeavor, Islas Cayonetas have become a gateway into this endeavor’s mission to plant, across the Pacific Island Region, a model sustainable economy that derives strength from the spectacular scientific value of the region’s natural heritage. This position has further augmented the significance of the Islands’ geological connectivity with other parts of the Pacific and their intricate relationship—as former mainland mountains—with continental flora and fauna, with all their potentials in terms of competitive and comparative advantages. The Islas Cayonetas Estate has been transformed into an unmatched legacy-investment opportunity with the capacity to catalyze and grow in quality and international visibility—and, thus, in investment appeal—exceptional insights into vast labyrinths of wonder. It has acquired an unlimited performance-reserve outside the property line and, with it, the business incentive to stimulate scientific exploration, set-up research facilities, and foster conservation across a vast ecosystem that transcends national borders.

“The insertion into this noble bridge of a flagship 'legacy-investment' opportunity off Panama’s Pacific coast underscores the new geography that Pangea World’s paradigm charts for the knowledge-propelled economy of the 21st century.”

Winston Thompson
Former Pro-Chancellor and Chair of the Council of the University of the South Pacific
Fiji’s former Ambassador to the United States and the United Nations


The Pangea model…creates an opportunity for the Legacy Families…to partner with nation states, governmental and business leaders, renowned scientists, and global philanthropists. It offers the promise of unparalleled legacies that invite both financial and intellectual investment to produce extraordinary returns for humanity for generations to come.

Douglas K. Freeman, J.D., LL.M.
Former Executive Vice President and Director of Trust Services and Consulting, First Foundation Bank


Pangea World
Bridges to Noble Wealth®


An unprecedented Legacy Investment Opportunity to acquire a trio of pristine Pacific Islands already primed to serve as a portal into the leading-edge, transnational and sustainable development enterprise showcased at events hosted by the United Nations, UNESCO, the U.S. National Academy of Sciences, and other esteemed institutions; endorsed by several heads of state; and master-planned to use the Earth’s evolutionary and ecological narrative as the cornerstone of a new-generation knowledge economy while redefining prestige and purpose in world travel.